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Hello fellow lover of botanical beauty!
Catch this print in little Nemo's room in Netflix's new family film 'Slumberland'!

These are some of the beautiful flowers you might be lucky to find on Vancouver Island:
Chocolate Lily
Spreading Dogsbane
Bleeding Heart
Nootka Lupine
Deltoid Balsamroot (very rare)
Indian Paintbrush
Great Camas
Western Trillium
Douglas Aster 

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Wildflowers (of Vancouver Island)

  • -This is a letter-sized (8.5x11in) unframed print of an original gouache illustration painted by Danielle Brufatto (me!).

    -Printed locally in Victoria, BC on 100% recycled paper

    -I sign every print in pencil on the back before sending it on its way to you :)

    -Prints are packaged against a firm (100% recycled) cardstock within a fitted crystal clear plastic sleeve to best protect it from the elements. On the back of the cardstock is a small title and information tag.

    -Please remember to recycle the packaging :)