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"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known" is my favourite quote by late astronomer Carl Sagan. This cool corvid pin could be placed on the lapel of those of us who keep curious hearts and minds.

Did you know that ravens are super clever, intelligent and playful birds who can even mimic human speech? Whenever I walk in the woods and hear them calling out, I call out back to them, I hope I'm not offending them, I'm just trying to say hello y'know?

Anyways, ravens are super cool and we should all be a little more like them!

Stay Curious - Raven Pinback Button

  • - Special little size of 1" in diameter

    - Lovingly locally made for you in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    - Makes an amazing gift for a terrific teacher or cool coworker!

    (- Sharp and pokeable, please keep away from pets and small children!)