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The lil' fungi muncher would be most at home on the denim lapel of those of us who need a reminder to take it easy!

Did you know that a biologist in Kentucky dubbed the banana slug to be the slowest creature on earth? I think we all could use that kind of quality time on the forest floor. So, next time you take a walk in the woods, please stop and say hello to these slow warriors of the West Coast!

Slow Down - Banana Slug Pinback Button

  • - Special little size of 1" in diameter

    - Lovingly locally made for you in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    - Makes a sweet stocking stuffer and perfect Pacific Northwest souvenir and keepsake

    - Also available as a weatherproof sticker ! And, if the occasion calls for it, a belated birthday card

    (- Sharp and pokeable, please keep away from pets and small children!)