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Hello fellow lover of these special sea algae!
These are several of the gorgeous seaweed specimens you can see along the coastline of BC and some beyond:
Bull Kelp
Giant Perennial Kelp
Farlow's Seaweed
Rockweed / Bladderwrack
Fringed Sieve Kelp
Stag Seaweed / Dead Man's Fingers :|
Sugar Kelp
Arched Red Seaweed
Sea Brush
Sea Lettuce
Winged Kelp 

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Seaweeds of Cascadia

  • -This is a letter-sized (8.5x11in) unframed print of an original gouache illustration painted by Danielle Brufatto (me!).

    -Printed locally in Victoria, BC on 100% recycled paper.

    -I sign every print in pencil on the back before sending it on its way to you :)

    -Prints are packaged against a firm (100% recycled) cardstock within a fitted crystal clear plastic sleeve to best protect it from the elements. On the back of the cardstock is a small title and information tag.

    -Please remember to recycle the packaging :)