I'm not here to squabble, quibble or quarrel, but aren't quails arguably the best birds? They're plucky, clucking bowling pins with weak wings, and are adorned with fancy doo-dads like little queens & kings. They bring me so much joy! Give your lil bobbleheaded sweetie this adorable card for any occasion!

Absurd Birds of a Feather - Quail Love Card

  • S P E C S

    - This card is the perfect not-too-big and not-too-small size of 4.25 x 5.5" and has a soft satin finish on the outside, with a papery finish inside for smooth writing with your most fanciest pen. It is absolutely blank inside for your own wonderful words.

    - Do you love the environment? Same, it's the best!
    This greeting card is printed in Vancouver, BC on 100% forest-free paper. This paper is made from the leftover waste from sugar cane production and has a lower carbon footprint than standard paper.
    Reducing deforestation is tree-rific!
    A white envelope made from 100% recycled stock is included (and was manufactured in a carbon-neutral facility in the US - how cool is that?).
    Your card and envelope set will be sweetly sealed in a crystal clear eco sleeve for protection :)