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Ready for all your cleverly cruel quips about aging ;)

These sheep skull sketches were drawn the bone lab at the University of Victoria. Since sheep can't flip themselves back on their feet if they're on their back, I feel like there's a "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!" joke you could incorporate into the card if you're feeling particularly devilish.

Man, We're Gettin' Old - Skulls Birthday Card

  • - Perfect not-too-big/small size of 4.25 x 5.5" with a satin finish on the outside and true papery inside-- ready for your fanciest pen.

    - Blank inside for your own wonderful words.


    Love the environment? Me too!

    - Printed in Vancouver, BC on 100% forest-free paper made from leftover waste of sugar cane production (lower carbon footprint than standard paper). Reducing deforestation is tree-rific!

    - A white 100% recycled paper envelope is included (manufactured in a carbon-neutral facility in the US).

    - Card & envelope are protected in a sealed biodegradable eco sleeve :)

    - Stuck on a gift? Check out ' seafaring/treefaring ' !