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A space-geek-chic way to kindly let folks know to keep their distance whether for safety reasons or to protect an introvert's general personal atmosphere, this pin's intended to be read from a solid 6ft distance! And hey, is that Neowise shooting by?!

Gift this to any aspiring astronaut, extra-terrestrial teacher, cosmic coworker or planet loving pal. Stuff it in the stocking of a starry eyed loved one and let them know they're your whole universe!

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  • - A nice not-too-big, not-too-small size at 1.25in in diameter

    - Lovingly locally made for you in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    (- Sharp and pokeable, please keep away from small children!)

    - Also available as a sticker :) and would pair well with my print called 'luna:sea' and my greeting card that says 'Love you to Betelgeuse & Beyond'