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Tortoises basically live forever, who the shell wouldn't want that ;)?

Jonathan the tortoise is indeed 188 years young and lives in Saint Helena with his life partner of 20 years, Frederik. Jonathan is the oldest known living land animal and is inching his way to becoming a Guinness World Record holder for the world's oldest tortoise which currently sits at 189. Gosh, I'd love to meet him!

Giant Tortoise Birthday Card

  • - Perfect not-too-big/small size of 4.25 x 5.5" with a satin finish on the outside and true papery inside-- ready for your fanciest pen.

    - Blank inside for your own wonderful words.


    Love the environment? Me too!

    - Printed in Vancouver, BC on 100% forest-free paper made from leftover waste of sugar cane production (lower carbon footprint than standard paper). Reducing deforestation is tree-rific!

    - A white 100% recycled paper envelope is included (manufactured in a carbon-neutral facility in the US).

    - Card & envelope are protected in a sealed biodegradable eco sleeve :)

    - Stuck on a gift? Check out ' 100 Species of BC ' !