Hello fellow happy campers... grab your gear and get the heck outta here! This one's for anyone who enjoys a little exploration into the woods :)
Pack List:
Umbrella, Cowboy Coffee Kettle, Pot (for cooking, not the other kind), Solid Rope, Bird-Watchers (binoculars), Camera, Lantern, Flashlight, Compass, Carabiner(s), (off-brand) Swiss Army Knife, Sturdy Axe, Weather-Proof Tent, Classic Canoe (if you've got a little help from your friends), Paddles (only necessary if canoe is a-go), A Good Nappin' Hammock...and a backpack to put it all in!
Have fun, mind your food and tend to your flames <3

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Camp Cascadia

  • S P E C S

    -This is a letter-sized (8.5x11in) print of an original micron pen illustration drawn by Danielle Brufatto (me!).

    -Printed locally in Victoria, BC on 100% recycled paper with a lovely watercolour paper-like texture.

    -I sign every print in pencil on the back before sending it on its way to you :)

    -Prints are packaged against a firm solid white (100% recycled) cardstock within a fitted crystal clear plastic sleeve to best protect it from the elements. On the back of the cardstock is a small title and information tag.

    -Please remember to recycle the packaging :)