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About Me: The Pen & Pencil Pusher
Island love and an overall celebration of the Pacific Northwest lay deep in the heart of everything I create. My childhood was spent in the Cowichan Valley where, after ten years in bustling Victoria, I’m happy to be back and living in a tiny tin-roofed cottage by the Salish Sea... which moonlights as my studio.

Drawing has always been my main source of entertainment (read: sanity).
I began sharing my goods as Hello Yellow Canary ten years ago. Thanks to the incredible independent shops I work with and the many market-goers I meet, I’ve been able to transition into being a full-time artist since 2018.

About My Work & The Papers I Peddle
Perhaps not fit for this digital age (read: set in my ways), I still draw and paint traditionally, using fine pens and gouache. While meanings and metaphors may sometimes be incorporated into my illustrations, I hope you'll connect to and enjoy them for your own reasons, and I hope you'll find them comforting and calming to keep in your home.

Designing greeting cards, buttons, and stickers is my outlet for silliness and general word-wizardry. These items are specially crafted to help share smiles with your favourite people, and they have a focus on encouraging mental wellness and support.

All Hello Yellow Canary products have been lovingly locally made
in Victoria & Vancouver, British Columbia using
environmentally conscious materials however possible.

Seaweeds of Cascadia gouache painting art print by Hello Yellow Canary. Bull Kelp, Rockweed, Giant Perennial, Winged Kelp, Fringed Sieve Kelp, Sugar Kelp, Delicate Sea Brush, Farlow's seaweed, sea lettuce all hand-painted on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks! I look forward to talking with you soon

Or! You can send me an e-mail at


Hello Yellow Canary is located in lovely Ladysmith, BC and
can be found on the shelves of these awesome local shops:

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